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We Present the Top 5 Benefits of Ceramic Pro Coating for Your Vehicle

1. High Quality Paint Protection

The nano-coat applied to your vehicle is a highly durable and protective shield for the body and paintwork. It prevents unnecessary matter and debris from causing significant damages and costly deterioration. Simply driving down your local street can place your asset at risk of damage. Mud stuck to the wheels, fine stones, scratches and scraps can all negatively impact your vehicle condition. The application of a secure and tough nano-coat can offer the highest levels of protection against these minor and major problems.

2. A Ceramic Coat is Durable

The paint protection provided by an authentic ceramic coat will ensure the vehicle bodywork remains smooth and scratch free. The coat is applied to the surface through a unique fusion process that will not affect the original paintwork. Applying wax to your car will simply wear over time and simply cannot match the superior protection offered with a nano-coat.

3. Reduce the Need for Regular Car Washes

Whether your vehicle is safely stored undercover or exposed to the outside, the application of the durable clear coat prevents dust and exterior grime from damaging the surface. Ceramic coatings offer maximum protection against surface damages.

4. Minimize Ongoing Costs in Coat Protection

Wax is a readily available surface protector; however, it will wear, is not durable against environmental conditions and cannot deliver the exceptional protection that ceramic coating can provide. Wax must be continuously applied and purchased at least every 3 months, which is time consuming and expensive to maintain.

5.  Economical

Ceramic coating is valuable and affordable. Do the math and you will see that a clear coat is more practical than wax sealant. Wax requires repeated applications totaling $800 annually. Over a 4-year period, this means $4000 on waxing every 3 months. Ceramic coating is applied one time. It is a once-off cost of $1500 for a high-grade ceramic coat. This means an incredible saving each year. 

Impressive Looking

For a striking aesthetic appeal, invest in the beauty and protection of Ceramic Pro Clear Coat. Image Premium Detailing incorporates the tough and long-lasting material for the maintenance of paintwork and that brand-new vehicle appeal. If you want to save while keeping a high gloss finish on your car exterior, then call on our ceramic coat professionals at Image to transform your vehicle.

For precision detailing with quality guaranteed, call on us at Image Premium Detailing.
We provide the finest applications to keep your assets in top condition.

Professional and Precision Detailing with a Reputation to Match in Miami, Florida

Image Premium Detailing is a leading specialist in the protection, enhancement and management of vehicle interiors and exteriors in Miami, Florida. Incorporating cutting edge technology with the expertise of a technical crew, there is no car restoration and maintenance project that is too challenging to handle.

At Image, we only work with world-class products as Ceramic Pro, Kavaca and other high premium brands, with that in mind, precision services are provided for every client. From nano-ceramic protection films to exceptional detailing, we deliver on our promises by surpassing your expectations.


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Paulo Goyatá


Image Premium Detailing is founded and led by the “Detail Doctor” Paulo Goyatá. Having worked with top celebrities and sports athletes, Goyatá has established his reputation in the car detailing industry as being the best there is. Backed by an incredibly talented team of detailing experts, Image Premium Detailing is specializes in the advancement, protection and the innovation of vehicle detailing.

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From customized wraps for your personal vehicle to developing branding wraps for commercial purposes, we can do it all. Image is an authentic detailer providing Ceramic Pro nano-coats, protective films, window tints, and both interior and exterior services in the creation of a unique and well-maintained vehicle.

Our auto solutions include secure vehicle storage located next to our detailing facility.

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Ceramic Pro products are all based on the same proven nano-ceramic coating technology. For the best experience and enhanced performance, each product variation is specially formulated for a given application. Learn what each Ceramic Pro formula has to offer.

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