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Paulo Goyatá is the founder and creative genius behind IMAGE. As an auto detailing specialist, Paulo incorporates only the best quality products such as Ceramic Pro, innovative techniques and reliable service solutions to exceed his customers expectations from Miami and all over the world. With an impressive 20 years experience in the auto detailing industry, Paulo has earned his esteemed reputation as an expert in auto enhancement and detailing.

Having started his career in 1999 in Boston Massachusetts, Paulo has had the pleasure and the privilege of working with top celebrities, professional athletes, and some of the biggest names in the automotive and boating industry including Tom Brady, Felipe Massa, Rodrigo Faro, Arian Fernandez, Bruno & Marrone, Mijares, Gusttavo Lima, Lamborghini Miami, Prestige Imports Miami, Naples Motorsports, Champions Porsche, Midnight Express, and many others.

Paulo started from humble beginnings paying homage to his Brazilian roots. He decided to move to the USA in pursuit of the American dream. It was in 1999 that Paulo was introduced to the realm of auto detailing while working at a local Boston gas station. Paulo became so exceptional at his craft that customers returned just so he could work on their vehicles. Shortly after detailing cars at the local gas station, Paulo was given the opportunity to move into a dealership and was placed in charge of the dealerships entire fleet of cars.

In 2001, Paulo received his first exotic car for detailing, a Lamborghini Diablo by Todd Rosenthal, CEO of Naples Motorsports. The experience was what catapulted Paulo to begin specializing in luxury vehicles. Paulo’s accelerated growth in the auto industry led him back to Brazil to open his very own detailing shop. He would never have imagined his talent, skill and dedication would lead to owning a beautiful two-story detailing shop located in Goiânia. Paulo and his professional team would go on to manage the vehicle requirements of popular celebrities in Brazil and others from all over the world.

Gaining worldwide recognition in auto detailing, another opportunity opened for Paulo to move back to the states. He was introduced to Brett David, CEO of Lamborghini Miami and Prestige Imports Miami and was offered their entire fleet of exotic vehicles to be placed under his professional care. Paulo made the decision to open his second shop in Miami, Florida in 2016. Today, Image Auto Detailing is an Official Ceramic Pro® partner, working with the best products and services. After hard work, determination and incredible talent, Paulo has earned the title of the “Detail Doctor” an auto detailing specialist in Miami with global recognition.

His modesty and love for people have contributed to his successes. Having created valuable and lasting professional client relationships, Paulo continues to take pride in even the smallest auto details without outsourcing a single service.


Paulo Goyatá Detail Doctor

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Professional and Precision Detailing with a Reputation to Match in Miami, Florida

Image Premium Detailing is a leading specialist in the protection, enhancement and management of vehicle interiors and exteriors in Miami, Florida. Incorporating cutting edge technology with the expertise of a technical crew, there is no car restoration and maintenance project that is too challenging to handle.

At Image, we only work with world-class products as Ceramic Pro, Kavaca and other high premium brands, with that in mind, precision services are provided for every client. From nano-ceramic protection films to exceptional detailing, we deliver on our promises by surpassing your expectations.


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Paulo Goyatá


Image Premium Detailing is founded and led by the “Detail Doctor” Paulo Goyatá. Having worked with top celebrities and sports athletes, Goyatá has established his reputation in the car detailing industry as being the best there is. Backed by an incredibly talented team of detailing experts, Image Premium Detailing is specializes in the advancement, protection and the innovation of vehicle detailing.

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From customized wraps for your personal vehicle to developing branding wraps for commercial purposes, we can do it all. Image is an authentic detailer providing Ceramic Pro nano-coats, protective films, window tints, and both interior and exterior services in the creation of a unique and well-maintained vehicle.

Our auto solutions include secure vehicle storage located next to our detailing facility.

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Ceramic Pro products are all based on the same proven nano-ceramic coating technology. For the best experience and enhanced performance, each product variation is specially formulated for a given application. Learn what each Ceramic Pro formula has to offer.

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